Gymnastics is a terrific foundation for preschoolers as it provides the building blocks of many skills. Under trained instruction students develop motor skills, learn basic body positions, and practice social and listening skills. Preschool classes are fun and educational, and participants will enjoy activities designed around different weekly themes and on equipment geared for younger athletes.

Parent-Tot Classes are offered for children 18 months to 3 years old and are run with parent involvement. They are designed for the parent that wants to take an active role in their child’s development. Preschool Classes are offered for children 3-5 years old and teach social skills and self-confidence in a group setting.

Classes are offered weekday mornings and afternoons and Saturday mornings. Please call our front desk for more information or to register for the preschool program.


The Gymnastics Plus recreational program is designed to teach boys and girls fundamental gymnastics skills in a safe, structured, fun environment. Additionally, children develop physical and mental strength, balance and coordination. They learn basic body movement, and develop skills in strength, flexibility and gymnastics in a positive, nurturing atmosphere.

Classes include instruction on all Olympic events and students are divided by ability, beginner through advance. The program is structured so that students are rewarded as they progress through the various skill levels.

Our recreational classes are scheduled Monday-Saturday throughout the year and are open to children ages 5 and older. Click on the forms tab to view the class description and current schedule, or call the front desk to enroll today.

Xcel Team

The XCEL Program is a competitive gymnastics team governed by USA Gymnastics that allows for more flexibility and creativity in choreography of routines for both the gymnasts and coaches. The goal for XCEL is to provide the same quality competitive gymnastics experience with a little less time commitment and slightly lower fees then normally found in competitive gymnastics. It is a great opportunity for gymnasts receiving their first taste of competition experience, or for multi-sport athletes that are looking for a bit more flexibility. At Gymnastics Plus, the focus is to provide an opportunity for every gymnast to have the chance to compete and thrive in the sport they love as well while providing families with another option that might allow more time for outside activities.

Our XCEL team members are athletes that started as recreational gymnasts and were invited to try out for the team. They currently train two nights a week year-round, and in compete in local competitions in the Denver Metro area.